PS89Q School Goals 2016-17

Goal #1: English Language Arts (ELA) - English Language Learners

To continue to focus sharply on developing strategies to raise the achievement of English Language Learners in English Language Arts, teachers will utilize formative and summative assessments to provide targeted multiple entry points and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies for ENLs so that by June 2017, the number of ENL students performing at Levels 3 and 4 in September 2016 will increase by ten (10) percent by the June TCRWP Reading Assessment.


Goal #2: English Language Arts - Lowest third

To continue to improve educational outcomes for students performing in the lowest third in English Language Arts, including ELLs and SWDs, teachers will provide targeted academic intervention in a supportive learning environment based on summative and formative data so that by June 2016, the number of students in grades K-5 performing at Level 1 on TCRWP Reading Assessments in September will decrease by 10% as measured by the June 2017 TCRWP Reading Assessment.


Goal #3: Mathematics

To focus sharply on developing strategies to raise the achievement of all students in Mathematics, including ELLS and SWDs, teachers will work collaboratively to utilize Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies in GoMath! instruction to provide multiple entry points including scaffolds and extensions, to insure that all students are provided with rigorous CCLS aligned instruction, so that by June 2017, the average score for students in grades 1-5 on the GoMath! Benchmark assessments will increase by 10 percent from the September average score.

Goal #4: Parent Involvement

Through active outreach efforts, staff members will seek to make the school a more hospitable and welcoming environment for parents. These efforts will lead to an increase in parent involvement in school activities, so that by June, 2017 the percentage of positive responses on the School Survey on parent involvement will increase by 5%, as indicated on the Framework for Great Schools Report 2017.

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