We envision P.S. 89Q to be a school community that exemplifies the best in teaching practices which will empower all students with the necessary critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills to be fully contributing members of society.


Every student at P.S. 89Q will receive a solid foundation for learning through rigorous, Common Core aligned instruction in literacy and mathematics. We will build a community of learners where all members, staff, students and parents are actively engaged in the educational process. Critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills are developed through an enriched academic program that includes science, technology and the arts. We will create a positive, supportive educational environment that will develop all students into life-long learners, ready for college, career and beyond.

Contextual Information About the School’s Community and its Unique/Important Characteristics

• P.S. 89, is one of the largest elementary schools in New York City. It is situated in an area of Elmhurst, Queens, and comprised of a culturally diverse student population. The community is home to many new immigrants to the United States, which directly effects the language proficiency of our student body. Currently our school consists of an English Language Learner (ELL) population that is equal to about forty-two (42%) percent of our entire enrollment of approximately 2,000 students.

• Despite numerous challenges, including nearly 86% of our students population being of low socio-economic status, our overall performance on the New York City (NYC) Progress Report Cards reflects that we have made significant progress. We have been recognized in having achieved an ‘A’ on our Progress Report Card for six (6) of the past seven (7) school years and a ‘Well-Developed’ in our Quality Review for the 2013-14 school year. The Framework for Great Schools Report 2015 shows the Student Progress Rating (EMS) as Meeting Target. Having met our targets in both ELA and Math, we earned a score of 76 in Rigorous Instruction. These achievements have been a result of our entire school community’s commitment to providing exemplary methods of instruction, our willingness to improve individual student outcomes, and our high expectations that have been established for overall student achievement.

• Although P.S. 89 has been standing for over 100 years in the Elmhurst community, we pride ourselves on the attractive, supportive, and child-centered learning environment that we have created for our students. This is also reflected in the Framework for Great Schools Report 2015 where high scores in safety and order, as well as social emotional learning have led to a score of 76 in Supportive Environment. Our attendance rate has been consistently above the 95% range.

• For the past eleven (11) years, we have established a partnership with Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project ( to support literacy instruction through professional development for our teachers and school leaders in order to improve the overall student academic achievement and standardized test scores. We employ two literacy coaches to support curriculum and instruction, and to provide training and support to new staff members.

• We have a long standing partnership with Child Center of NY (CCNY). This community based organization (CBO) provides after school, vacation and summer programs for our students. The program offers homework help, academic support, and enrichment activities such as dance, drama, and arts and crafts. They also provide workshops for parents and counseling referrals to families in need. The site director from CCNY sits on the School Leadership Team, and she works closely with the principal and administrators to develop and align programs that meet our students’ needs.

• In order to enrich the learning experience for students, there has been a great deal of emphasis in updating the school’s technology in both hardware and software. This past school year we have purchased 75 laptop computers, 225 tablets, for student use during day school and after school programs. This year, we purchased additianal 150 laptop computers to support our students through after school programs. There is a Smart Board in nearly 100% of classrooms, including the English as a New Language (ENL) Lab, Special Educaiton Teacher Support Services (SETSS) labs, and Library Media Center. 

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